5 reasons cats love water fountain

Why Cats Love Water Fountains: 5 Reasons

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    Discover how the running water in cat water fountains can attract your cat to drink more.

    Have you ever noticed your cat drinking from a tap? Or maybe from the toilet? It seems yucky, right? Cats do this for many reasons related to their natural need for fresh water.

    We often suggest cat water fountains as their main water source. They need to drink enough, and these fountains make them want to drink more.

    Here are 5 simple reasons why cats prefer water fountains (including taps and toilets) over a regular bowl.

    1. Vision: Flowing Water

    cat drinking flowing Water

    We avoid still water as it can harbor bacteria that cause illness. This is also true for cats. Almost every cat owner asked: Why do cats like running water?

    The answer is that flowing water is less likely to contain harmful bacteria and, importantly, cats are better at spotting moving things than stationary ones. And that’s why your cats always prefer running water.

    We recommend you use one running water bowl or fountain for your cat with a spout design, where water gently flows or trickles out like from a tap, which is great.

    Cats notice this motion more easily and are attracted to it, and consequently, they tend to drink more.

    cat drinking water from a tap

    2. Scent: Fewer Germs

    Cats possess a remarkable sense of smell, which probably helps them detect bacteria in water or any container.

    They’re likely to steer clear of water that smells strange.

    This risk is higher with water left sitting still in a bowl.

    Cat water fountains typically have some kind of filter, usually a combination of a carbon and nylon filter near the pump.

    These filters help eliminate dust, dirt, particles, and other elements that might give the water an unusual odor.

    cat drinking water from a pet drinking fountain

    3. Flavor: Cool & Refreshing

    We all have this question: why does my cat drink out of the toilet?

    The water there, unlike the toilet bowl and seat, is actually filtered and fresh. Cats can probably sense its cleanliness through smell.

    They also seem to like cooler water. If you’ve ever checked your toilet’s tank, you’ll notice the water is indeed cold.

    Cat water fountains are made to filter out impurities that can affect the water’s flavor, resulting in a taste that’s more appealing and refreshing to your cat.

    4. Noise: Gurgling

    Cats, along with many other creatures, are thought to be drawn to the sound of trickling water. In nature, this sound helps them find water sources. Also, running water will be cleaner.

    5. Health: Keep your cat hydrated

    Keeping your cat hydrated is vital for their health, so a water fountain that encourages them to drink more is a great choice.

    Cats naturally get much of their water from their food in the wild, as animal protein contains a lot of water. This means they usually drink less than other animals.

    Indoor cats fed with wet food drink even less water since wet food (which can be 80% water) provides most of their hydration.

    However, with dry food being popular, indoor cats need to drink more water than usual because they’re not getting enough moisture from their food.

    Older cats especially benefit from water fountains. As their senses of smell and taste weaken with age, they might not drink as much water. Providing them with a constant flow of water acts as a reminder to hydrate.

    You know that your cats why the running water fountain attracts your cat to drink more.

    Ready to get one waterfall drinking fountain for cats?

    waterfall drinking fountain for cats


    FAQs about cat drinking water

    These frequently asked questions delve into the mysteries of feline water preferences and behaviors, offering insights into what’s normal and what might need attention.

    Do cats like cold water?cat touching the water with paws outdoors

    Cats’ preferences for water temperature can vary. Some cats have a liking for cold water, enjoying its refreshing quality. Others may prefer their water to be at room temperature, finding it more palatable.

    The most important factor, however, is the cleanliness and freshness of the water. Providing water that is clean and at a temperature your cat is comfortable with is key to ensuring their hydration and overall health.

    Why do cats paw water?

    Many cat owners ask, “Why does my cat touch the water before drinking?” This is a natural cat behavior.

    Cats might tap the water to check its depth or mimic catching wild prey.

    It can also be a way for them to check if the water is free of debris before they drink.

    Is it ok if my cat drinks from the toilet?

    Drinking from the toilet is usually not dangerous as long as the toilet is clean and flushed regularly.

    However, it’s not ideal, mainly because of the cleaning chemicals that might be mixed with the water.

    If this concerns you, look out for our upcoming article titled: “How to Stop Your Cat from Drinking from the Toilet.”

    You can subscribe to our site and stay tuned for its release.



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